Koch Chemie Felgenblitz Alkalisch 22 KG

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Introducing Koch-Chemie Felgenblitz Alkalisch, a professional-grade alkaline rim cleaner that has been engineered for superior cleaning performance and durability since 1968.

Key features

  • Powerful Alkaline Formula: This highly alkaline rim cleaner successfully eliminates burnt-in brake dust and environmental grime from all alkali-resistant aluminium and steel wheels.
  • Outstanding Dirt Absorption: Made with a unique dirt carrier, it provides exceptional dirt absorption and cleaning performance.
  • Viscous Setting: The viscous consistency allows for extended adhesion and action, resulting in thorough cleaning.
  • Beading Effect and Gloss Additives: Creates a beading effect and adds gloss to rims for a clean finish.
  • Environmentally friendly: It is free of organic complexing agents and phosphates, making it safe for both rims and the surrounding environment.
  • Daimler has endorsed the product, ensuring high-quality performance and reliability.
  • Quick Separation: Meets ÖNORM 5106 criteria for quick separation.
  • VDA-compliant: Meets VDA guidelines, with a maximum exposure length of one minute and a maximum application concentration of one to twenty.

Application Areas

  • Steel rims
  • Alkali-resistant painted aluminium rims.

Application recommendation

  • Depending on the level of dirtiness, apply a 1:4 to 1:10 mixture to the pre-wet rim surface while avoiding runners.
  • Allow it to work for a brief period of time, then rework with a brush as needed.
  • Thoroughly rinse using a high-pressure device.

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