Schleifpaste H7.01 1L

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Koch-Chemie H7.01 Schleifpaste 1Ltr

Cut: 7.5 Gloss: 3.0 |For Vehicle Detailing |Silicone-Oil-Free |For Pad Use Only |For Exterior Use |For Professional Use |Since 1968 |Made in Germany


  • From the authorised importer and distributor in India
  • Reworking of heavily weathered paintwork, elimination of deep scratches
  • Effective removing paint overspray, and sanding traces to P2000 grain
  • For detailing of cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, etc.
  • Ideal for all types of paint (both soft and scratch-proof)
  • Silicon and oil-free
  • For external use
  • For professional use
  • Made in Germany


Polishing compound vehicle detailing compound heavy cut ceramic coating imported restoration workshop made in Germany pad use polishing machine


Coarse polishing compound, silicone-oil-free

Schleifpaste H7.01 is the heavily abrasive machine polish for quick reconditioning of heavily weathered paintwork, removing paint overspray, and sanding traces to P2000 grain.

Cut: 7.5

Gloss: 3.0


Areas of use

The paintwork of cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, etc.


Recommendations for use

Apply Schleifpaste to the polishing pad (hard white polishing pad or medium-hard yellow polishing pad) and polish the precleaned surface crosswise with max. 2.000 rpm. The cleaning effect can be varied with pressure, polishing pad, and speed. At the start of the polishing process, we recommend applying greater pressure at a lower speed. Then gradually reduce the pressure and finish off at a higher speed. Polish residues can be removed easily with our ultrasound-cut microfiber cloth. Streaks or traces of polish are removed with our Hochglanz-Antihologramm-Politur.


Shake before using.

Not suitable for scratch-resistant paint.

Protect against frost and excessive heat.

Before using, check suitability and compatibility.

Do not use it on hot surfaces.

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