Koch Chemie Headlight Polish Set

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The Koch-Chemie Headlight Polish Set, intended for professional-grade restoration, will revitalise the headlights of your vehicle.

Key features

  • Finish Polish designed for automotive detailing.
  • Silicone oil-free composition ensures excellent performance.
  • For pad use only; ideal for external applications.
  • Comprehensive kit for recovering yellowed, matte headlights.
  • Includes Headlight Polish 1 and Headlight Polish 2, together with sealing components for a two-step operation.
  • The branded black plastic container contains sanding papers, a hand block, and three matching pads.
  • A thermo pad is supplied to control the temperature during processing.

Areas of Use

  • PMMA headlamps for automobiles, commercial vehicles, motorbikes, boats, and more.

Recommendations for Use

  1. Clean the headlamp and protect the surrounding areas.
  2. Sand the headlight surface with abrasive paper, beginning with coarse grit and moving to finer grit for an even finish.
  3. Using a rotary polishing machine, remove sanding traces using Headlight Polish 1 and either the Heavy Cut Pad or the Lamb's Wool Pad.
  4. Use Headlight Polish 2 and the Thermo Pad to polish the surface to a high sheen in a crosswise motion at medium speed and pressure.


  • Always follow the legal regulations for headlamp processing in your country.

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