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Menzerna makes metals shine!

Menzerna Polishing Cream is a German-made metal polish for all metals, precious metals, and plastics. The creamy metal polish works without abrasives to remove oxidation and stains to uncover a brilliant reflective shine!

Menzerna polishes are produced in Germany, where the company abides by strict quality control standards. Consistency and quality are paramount because many of Menzerna’s car polishes are used in the auto plants of some major German car makers. The same kind of care and consistency goes into every tube of Menzerna Polishing Cream.

Menzerna Polishing Cream is a unique blend of cleaning agents, lubricants, and proprietary ingredients that brings out a dazzling shine on all polishable metals! Use Menzerna Polishing Cream to polish brass, gold, silver, aluminum, magnesium, pewter, chrome, sterling, copper, stainless steel, fiberglass, and other unpainted plastics. Menzerna Polishing Cream is nonabrasive and gentle on all your vehicle’s metal surfaces.

Menzerna Polishing Cream is for ultra fine polishing. If the metal surface you’re working on has rust and heavy discoloration, you may need to use a more aggressive metal polish first, like Heavy Cut 400. Completely buff off the compound and then apply Menzerna Polishing Cream to enhance the shine. For regular metal maintenance and shine enhancement, Menzerna Polishing Cream is all you need.

To use Menzerna Polishing Cream, apply a very small amount to the desired surface with a soft foam or cloth applicator. Spread the metal polish over the surface. Then rub off the polish with a soft, dry Microfiber Towel until the surface is completely clean.

Menzerna Polishing Cream leaves a clear protective film over the polished surface to prevent tarnishing. Metal surfaces stay clean, shiny, and smooth with regular use.

Menzerna Polishing Cream is excellent for motorcycles! The metal polish safely cleans chrome and leaves it with a brilliant, highly reflective shine.

There are a number of surfaces that can be polished and protected by Menzerna Metal Polish Cream is phenomenal, Ipads, SmartPhones, Mobiles, Plastics, Jewellery, Alloys, Headlights, Windows, Watches, Cutlery to mention a few!

Clean, polish, and protect all your uncoated metals and plastics with Menzerna’s only metal polish, Menzerna Polishing Cream.

  • A unique blend of cleaning agents, Lubricants, and proprietary ingredients
  • Brings out a dazzling shine on all metals, plastics, glass
  • Use polishing cream to polish brass, gold, silver, aluminum, magnesium, pewter, chrome, Sterling, Copper, Stainless Steel, fiberglass, and other unpainted plastics
  • Safe on multiple surfaces including Watches, Mobile phones, Jewellery, IPads, e.t.c
  • Leaves protection to prevent further oxidization
  • Convenient 125 grams pack.

Nonabrasive and gentle on all metal surfaces, hard plastics.

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