Koch Chemie Micro Cut M3.02 250ml

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Introducing Koch Chemie Micro Cut M3.02 250ml, the ultimate solution for getting a perfect finish on your vehicle's paintwork. This current generation machine micro-polish is silicone-oil-free and designed to permanently eliminate streaks, holograms, fine scratches, and sanding marks up to P3000 grain size. Here's everything you should know about this high-quality product:

  • Latest generation machine micro-polish for the permanent eradication of defects.
  • Produces a stunning, permanent high gloss finish, even on dark and sensitive colours.
  • Removes holograms and fine scratches mechanically, without covering them over.
  • Extremely inexpensive, easy to polish, and removed with no traces.
  • Suitable for use on any paint system, including scratch-resistant coatings.
  • Made in Germany to provide great quality and performance.

Areas of Use

  • Ideal for the paintwork of cars, trucks, motorbikes, and more.

Recommendations for Use

  • For the best results, use the Micro-Cut Pad with an orbital polisher with forced rotation.
  • Alternatively, use a rotary polisher in tandem with the Micro-Cut Pad.
  • Apply equally over the surface to be treated. Polish crosswise with medium pressure until a translucent film develops.
  • Use Koch Chemie's non-chain stitched Profi microfibre towel to remove polish residues without scratching or leaving grooves.

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