Work Stuff SPOT Clay Bar 100g

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SPOT Clay Bar 100g

SPOT Clay Bar: the exceptional answer to gently purifying your car's exterior. With its medium-hard density, it can easily obviate unsightly particles such as brake dust, tar, and tree resins, unveiling a polished radiance that magnifies the attraction of your auto.

With a lovely fruity scent and excellent pliability, SPOT Clay Bar guarantees a gratifying decontamination procedure. The product arrives in a user-friendly plastic container, guaranteeing effortless preservation and maximal freshness for its next use.

Using a gentle back-and-forth motion, one can apply warm water molded clay to their car's surface in order to take advantage of its power. With its gentle touch, SPOT Clay Bar is suitable for utilization on all paint types and finishes to create a consistently flawless outcome. Wave goodbye to rough or matte surfaces, and permit SPOT Clay Bar to redefine your standards for equating a polished and seamless finish.


  • Useful storage box
  • Grade: medium
  • Pleasant smell
  • High plasticity



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