Work Stuff PRINCE Drying Towel 1100 GSM

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PRINCE 1100 GSM Drying Towel 

55cm x 50cm

Introducing the PRINCE Drying Towel – a solution, for all your car and motorcycle drying needs. This towel is crafted using a Twisted Pile" microfiber that has exceptional absorbency and dries quickly ensuring a swift and effective drying process for your vehicle. Its microfiber structure, which is dense yet gentle guarantees that it won't leave any scratches on your vehicles finish.

With measurements of 55 by 50 centimeters and a density of 1100 grams per meter the PRINCE Drying Towel is designed to tackle to reach areas and fit into every nook and cranny. Its sided fiber lining ensures use of high quality fibers minimizing the chances of streaks on your vehicles paintwork.

But the PRINCE Drying Towel doesn't just offer drying performance; its also designed with convenience in mind. Its compact size makes storage and transportation easy so you'll always have an efficient drying solution at hand when you need it. Whether its your car, motorcycle or any other vehicle that requires drying the PRINCE Drying Towel is the choice. Give it a try. You'll quickly discover why it's the go to drying towel, for every vehicle owner.


  • Size – 55 / 50cm
  • Density – 1100g / m2
  • “Twisted Pile” microfiber
  • Quick-drying fibers
  • High absorbency
  • Dense and delicate microfiber
  • Safe for the paintwork


  • Remember to wash the product before first use.

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