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MONSTER XS Drying Towel 55cm x 50cm

Introducing the MONSTER XS Drying Towel, a cutting-edge, top-tier car drying accessory meticulously crafted with Korean "Twisted Pile" microfiber technology. This towel's distinctive fiber structure endows it with exceptional absorbency and rapid drying capabilities, making it the ultimate tool for effortlessly drying even the most challenging-to-reach spots and intricate corners of your vehicle.

The dense and delicate microfiber composition ensures that not a single scratch is left behind, guaranteeing the safety of your vehicle's varnish, regardless of its type. Its compact size renders it perfect for tackling smaller areas and tight spaces, providing the assurance that it will work seamlessly without leaving any unsightly streaks on your car's pristine paintwork.


  • Size – 55 / 50cm
  • Density – 515g / m2
  • “Twisted Pile” microfiber
  • Dense and delicate microfiber
  • Safe for the paintwork
  • High absorbency and quick-drying fibers
  • Scratch-free and safe for any type of varnish
  • Compact size ideal for hard-to-reach places and all the nooks and crannies


  • Remember to wash the product before first use.

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