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The HANDY WAX APPLICATOR+ is a must-have for obtaining a smooth and glossy finish on your car's bodywork. Compared to typical equipment, this applicator's unique design with two types of sponges makes waxing faster and more effective. While the rough sponge improves working comfort, the soft sponge guarantees gentle application. To ensure quality, look for the WORK STUFF logo stamped onto the foam.

Important characteristics:

  • Size – 85mm: The perfect size for comfortable and efficient wax application.
  • Dual Sponge Design: For flexible use, work more quickly with both soft and hard sponges.
  • Handy Handle: This handle is simple to hold and use, making waxing a hassle-free experience.
  • WORK STUFF Logo Embossed: a quality seal for your auto maintenance regimen.

The HANDY WAX APPLICATOR+, with its handy 85mm size, offers the simplicity and versatility required for sensitive automobile surface waxing. With the help of this indispensable tool, you can achieve a professional-quality finish on your car.

When waxing your car, go with HANDY WAX APPLICATOR+ for easy and efficient results. Discover the improvements in quality, comfort, and speed!

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer Details Work Stuff Sp.zo.o Sp.k. ul. Nowa 47 62-070 Palędzie
    Brand Work Stuff
    Net Quantity 1
    Dimension 85mm
    Country of Origin Poland
    Importer Details Poshlyf Private Limited

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