Koch Chemie Tinten & Kuli Ex 250ml Ink Remover

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 KochChemie Ink & Ballpoint Remover 

Dissolves water-soluble ink and ballpoint marks quickly and thoroughly from textiles, leather and tiles. A combination of special solvents and detergents dissolves the ink pigments and disperses them. Tinten- & Kuli-Ex contains no halogenated hydrocarbons and is pleasant to use thanks to its fresh orange aroma. Areas of use Solvent-resistant textiles, leather, tiles, etc.

Recommendations for use Apply the product using a microfibre cloth, carefully loosen the dirt (pat, do not rub) and then pat carefully with a dry absorbent cloth. With heavy dirt, repeat the procedure. Then finish over the whole surface with a suitable cleaner (eg Pol Star). Rub Leather Star into treated leather.

Container  Item no. 0,25 L 197250

Warnings Before using, check colour fastness and material compatibility.;Not suitable for artificial leather and plastics.;

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