SHINEMATE 3″ Rotary Spot Polisher Kit EP803K

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This is the latest polisher from Shinemate, the EP803 polisher which is a small form factor light weight polisher deisgned to tackle even the most intricate areas on any vehicle.

The compact machine is the ultimate tool for correction on all those areas other polishing machines can’t reach.

Like the other ShineMate machines, it has an extremely useful low start speed at 700rpm maxing out at 2500 rpm. With a advanced built in load sensing module to give a constant speed output. This combined with the newly designed double reduction gearing offers a higher torque output and gives the polsiher even better performance and resilience for long periods of use. The unique two-level gear structure outputs strong torque which is twice of the common single gear-set polishers.

It also comes as standard with a extra long 5 meter cord offering reliable constant power.

What really makes this kit stand out though is just how many backing plates, pads and accessories are supplied including 1.2″, 2′ & 3″ M14 backing plates, a 80mm stainless steel extension bar and a total of 36 pads!


– Power Consumption Rated 600w (Max. 900w)
– Speed 700-2500RPM
– Weight 1.6kg
– Cord 5 meters
– Gear System Two-Level Deduction
– Convenient easy to use switch and speed controller and trigger lock

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