Sprühgerät SG 700 Sprayer (Fillable Aluminium Spray Can)

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Koch-Chemie Sprühgerät SG 700 Sprayer, Fillable Aluminium Spray Can

|500ml |1Pc |Vehicle Detailing |Spray Can For Ph-Neutral And Solvent-Based Products |For Professional Use |Since 1968|Made in Germany


  • From the authorized importer and distributor in India
  • Environmentally-friendly refillable spray can for pH-neutral and solvent-based products
  • Fill product, screw spray head tight For vehicle detailing
  • For professional use
  • Made in Germany


Polishing compound vehicle detailing products ceramic coating protection imported restoration workshop made in Germany maintenance for ceramic refillable spray canister aluminium spray can


The SG 700 is an environmentally-friendly refillable spray can for pH-neutral and solvent-based products such as brake cleaners, Fleckenwasser, Quick & Shine, etc. Application: fill product, screw spray head tight, and fill with air using the car valve.

Optimum operating pressure: 7.5 bar.

Maximum filling level: 500 ml.


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