Koch Chemie Schleifpaste H7.01 1Litre

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Introducing Koch-Chemie Schleifpaste H7.01 1Ltr is the ideal option for heavy-duty paint reconditioning and scratch removal in automobile detailing. This silicone-oil-free polishing compound, manufactured in Germany since 1968, produces remarkable results, making it a trusted option among experts.

Key features

  • Cut: 7.5, Gloss: 3.0, which guarantees high-performance paint repair.
  • Designed for use with polishing pads exclusively, to ensure best results.
  • Ideal for restoring highly worn paintwork and removing deep scratches.
  • Effective for removing paint overspray and sanding traces up to P2000 grain.
  • Suitable for all types of paint, including soft and scratch-resistant ones.
  • Silicone and oil-free formulation for better performance.
  • Specifically designed for external usage on automobiles, commercial vehicles, motorbikes, and more.

Product details

  • Highly abrasive machine polish for fast restoration of worn paintwork.
  • Excellent results on many surfaces, including automobiles, commercial vehicles, and motorcycles.
  • Suitable for use with a hard white or medium-hard yellow polishing pad.
  • The cleaning effect can be varied by pressure, pad type, and speed.
  • Easily removes polish remnants with an ultrasound-cut microfiber cloth.
  • Ensures a streak-free finish when used with Hochglanz-Antihologram-Politur.

Recommendations for Use

  • Apply Schleifpaste on the polishing pad and polish the surface crosswise at a maximum of 2.000 rpm.
  • Adjust the pressure, pad type, and speed to achieve the desired cleaning effect.
  • Begin with more pressure at lower speed, then gradually reduce pressure and increase speed for best results.
  • Remove polish remnants using an ultrasound-cut microfiber cloth.
  • Use Hochglanz-Antihologramm-Politur to remove streaks or remnants of polish.


  • Shake well before using.
  • Not recommended for scratch-resistant paint.
  • Protect from frost and extreme heat.
  • Before usage, check compatibility and suitability.
  • Avoid use on heated surfaces.

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