Rupes Blue Coarse Foam Cutting Pad 130/150 mm

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Rupes Blue Coarse Foam Cutting Pad 130/150 mm


The expanded resin RUPES BigFoot foam polishing pads are specially designed for the various movements found within the various BigFoot polishing systems. They produce excellent results with substantial time savings and reduced compound consumption which ultimately translates to overall reduced costs in labour and materials. The unique, and often intense, mechanical stresses created by the various polisher movements on the foam polishing pads require careful consideration in the pad design to prevent premature pad failure and maximize tool performance.

The large dimension of the cells dissipates any heat build-up, allowing the compounds to work at optimum levels and making the oscillating movement of the random orbital BigFoot systems is a perfect partner for this porous foam formula. The abrasive compound is not absorbed into the pad, but is consistently held at the work surface, providing a constant layer of lubricated abrasive between the surface and the foam polishing pad, as well as reducing pad saturation that could cause imbalance and vibration during use.


  • Material: Large pore foam
  • Hook & Loop Diameter: 130mm/5″
  • Polishing Face Diameter: 150mm/5 7/8″
  • Thickness: 1″
  • Color: Blue
  • Velcro Color: White
  • Made in: Italy

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