PoshLyf Microfiber Glass Cloth 35cm x 35cm Grey 250 GSM (3 unit)

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Poshlyf Glass Cloth 250 GSM Microfiber  35cm x 35cm

Introducing the PoshLyf 250 GSM Microfiber Glass Cloth, a remarkable cleaning companion meticulously crafted to elevate your cleaning experience to new heights. Designed with the utmost precision and made from premium materials, this cloth is a testament to PoshLyf’s commitment to excellence.

As your fingers delicately glide across the ultra-soft surface, you'll immediately notice the superior quality of the 250 GSM microfiber fabric. Each fiber is intricately woven to create a dense yet plush texture, ensuring exceptional absorption and debris removal with every swipe. It's as if this cloth possesses a secret magnetism, effortlessly attracting and capturing dirt, dust, and grime from any glass or shiny surface it encounters.


Additional Product Details

  • The cloth quickly absorbs moisture for streak-free cleaning.
  • It traps lint and ensures a clean, pristine surface.
  • Safe for delicate surfaces like glassware and jewelry.
  • Reusable, reducing the need for disposable cleaning products.
  • Ergonomic Generous size for comfortable handling and coverage.
  • Ideal for cleaning windows, glass, mirrors, and other surfaces.
  • Prevents bacterial growth and unpleasant odors.

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