Poshlyf Applicator Cloth Light Blue/ Green 10cmx10cm (10 units)

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Enhance your coating application with Poshlyf Applicator Cloth in a pleasant Light Blue/Green colour, currently available in a set of 10 units measuring 10cm x 10cm. These applicator cloths are designed to set new benchmarks for convenience and precision while applying coatings. 

Key features

Finest AA-Grade South Korean Microfiber

  • Crafted from high-quality Korean microfiber, experienced detailers prefer it for its outstanding performance.

Soft and self-absorbing suede

  • Get an unparalleled finish with the softest, self-absorbing suede application cloths available.

Lint-Free, Tag-Free, and Non-Abrasive

  • Use a lint-free, tag-free, and non-abrasive cloth to ensure a smooth application process.

Straight-cut, edgeless design

  • Designed by detailers for detailers, with a straight-cut edgeless design for smooth, professional application of coatings and finishes.

Versatile applications

  • Ideal not only for coatings, but also for cleaning, wiping and polishing lenses, displays (cell phone, tablet, computer), jewellery, cutlery, chrome and other metallic surfaces.

Safe for Electronic Equipment

  • Dependable on electronic devices and delicate glass surfaces.

Contaminant Notes

  • Because of the suede cloth's efficiency, maintain cleanliness to avoid scratches from pollutants picked up during previous use.

Poshlyf Applicator Cloth Light Blue/Green elevates your detailing experience, creating new levels for quality, design, and value. Transform your coating regimen with these expertly created, high-performance cloths!

Additional Information

Manufacturer Details
Brand Poshlyf
Net Quantity 1
Dimension 10cm x 10cm
Country of Origin South Korea
Importer Details Poshlyf Private Limited

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