Nanolex Optimizer 750ml

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Nanolex Optimizer

Nanolex Optimizer is a versatile and powerful product. It can be used as an effective spreading agent, aiding the application of coatings and polishing compounds which contain high molecular-weight polymers and ensuring a far easier buffing of the treated surface. Nanolex Optimizer soaks into the applied compound or coating and softens the ingredients which would otherwise be too viscous, tacky or insoluble in the formulation. This means the risk of scratching and/or marring of soft and delicate paints is greatly reduced.
Developed and designed as a perfect match in use with all ceramic coatings of the Nanolex Si3D-types, Nanolex Optimizer reduces the time it takes to buff coatings and makes application of polishing compounds much more efficient, simple and safe for the paintwork.

Nanolex Optimizer was developed, tested and produced in Germany.

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