Nanolex Ultra Glass 30ml

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Nanolex Ultra Glass 30ml

Nanolex Ultra Glass is based on true sol-gel nanotechnology using modified SiO2 molecules which forms a chemical bond with the glass it is applied to.

Nanolex Ultra Glass drastically improves visibility and safety under wet weather conditions, with superior optical clarity.

Coated glass surfaces permanently repel water to an outstanding degree and require significantly less cleaning, so saving you time and money. The build up of ice on the glass surfaces is delayed, once ice has set on the surface it can be removed very easily.

Water beads on contact with the coated glass surface and the water is repelled when driving speeds exceed 60 km/h.

Nanolex Ultra Glass was developed, tested and manufactured in Germany.

How To Use Nanolex Ultra Glass

  1.  Clean the inside of the car windows with normal glass cleaner to avoid irritations when removing the grey veil after the application of Nanolex Ultra Glass. Also clean wiper blades and seals around the windshield. Shake all bottles very well before use!
  2. Take a soft cotton cloth/makeup pad and pour a few drops of the sealant on it (start with small amounts, there is only very little product necessary). Moisten all the car windows evenly with firm pressure on the pad. When applied correctly you can now see a light grey veil on the windows. Polish away the grey veils after all solvents have steamed off, use a clean (microfiber) cloth. After the windows are polished do not touch them and protect them from humidity. After the drying polish the windshield and windows again with a lint free cloth to remove the last grey veil-residue.
  3. Curing period Directly after polishing the sealalnt is dry and resistant against touching. At normal ambient temperature the sealant is completely cured after approximately 12 hours.

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