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With Nanolex SiOne, a water-based sealant that is intended to clean, revitalise, and safeguard vehicle paint, you can completely transform the way you take care of your car's paint. This unique mixture of polymers and cutting-edge abrasives produces an impeccable finish and outstanding protection.

Important characteristics

  • Triple Action Formula: Nanolex SiOne expedites the detailing process by renewing, cleaning, and protecting your car's paint all at once.
  • Creamy & Viscous Composition: The special blend, which is based on advanced polymers and abrasives, guarantees optimal results with less effort.
  • Weathered Finish Restoration: Revitalises worn-out paint finishes by eliminating tiny scratches to reveal a refreshed look.
  • Protection Against Hydrophobicity: During treatment, a highly reactive polymer sealant layer is placed, which leaves the surface extraordinarily hydrophobic.
  • Deep Gloss Enhancement: Get a deep gloss that makes the paintwork on your car look better.
  • Versatile Application: This product can be applied manually using a microfiber cloth or pad or automatically using a soft foam polishing pad.
  • German Engineering: Nanolex SiOne maintains the greatest levels of quality and performance, having been developed, tested, and produced in Germany.

How to Use

  1. Surface Preparation: Make sure surfaces are ready for polishing in a comprehensive manner.
  2. Application: Apply a few pea-sized drops of SiOne to a microfiber cloth/pad for manual application or a soft foam polishing pad for machine application.
  3. Spread and Work: After applying the product to the desired painting panel, work it into the surface until it is nearly dry and transparent.
  4. Buffing: To reveal the renewed and shielded surface, buff away the residue with a premium microfiber cloth.

With Nanolex SiOne, the all-in-one solution for a revitalised, protected, and exquisitely glossed paint surface, you can elevate your car detailing experience. Get the newest in paint care technology by placing your order today!

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