Nanolex Si3D Ultra Set 50ml

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The Nanolex Si3D Ultra SET is a full package that offers complete care for Nanolex paint coats, giving you the best possible vehicle protection.

Important characteristics

  • Si3D BC (50ml): Use Si3D BC's strength to create a solid, nano-ceramic base coat that serves as a long-lasting framework for enhanced protection.
  • Si3D (50ml): With Nanolex Si3D, you can create a long-lasting, swirl- and chemical-resistant layer that offers unmatched protection for the paint job on your car.
  • EX Pre coat Spray (200ml): Use this spray to prepare the surface of your car to ensure that the Si3D coatings bind and work as best they can.
  • SiFinish Spray (200ml): Give your car an extra layer of brilliance by enhancing the shine and sealing in protection.

Complete Application Accessories

  • Three high-quality microfiber towels bearing the Nanolex brand are ideal for buffing and finishing tasks.
  • Ten suede applicator cloths of the highest quality for even and accurate product application.
  • Foam Applicator Block: Makes coating application simple and consistent.
  • Wear two pairs of nitrile gloves to protect your hands when applying.
  • Instruction Manual: Comprehensive instructions for a smooth application process.

With the Nanolex Si3D Ultra SET, take car maintenance to a new level. Get your package now to improve your detailing regimen and guarantee long-lasting protection!

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer Details Nano Surface Solutions | Nanolex Car Care Matzenberg 171 66115 Saarbrücken Germany
    Brand Nanolex
    Net Quantity 1
    Dimension 25cm × 14cm
    Country of Origin Germany
    Importer Details Poshlyf Private Limited

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