Nanolex Si3D HD Ultra Set 50ml

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Providing everything you need to provide the most professional of Nanolex ceramic coating applications, the Si3D HD Ultra Set comes in your choice of 30ml or 50ml coatings, along with the full package of Nanolex accessories. Prepare and apply this cutting-edge coating in the best possible way using the likes of SiFinish, Ex, Applicator Blocks & cloths, plus two premium all-round microfibres.

Kit contains (50ml set):

  • 1 X Si3D Base Coat 50ml
  • 1 X Si3D 50ml
  • 1 X SiFinish 200ml
  • 1 X Ex 200ml
  • 1 X Applicator Block
  • 10 x Applicator Cloths
  • 3 x All Round Microfibres
  • 3 x Stickers

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