Nanolex Si3D HD Special Edition 50ml

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Nanolex Si3D HD Special Edition 50ml

The High-Density version of Si3D displays a variety of additional benefits by blending both organic and inorganic Polysilazane, equipping our accredited customers with an unmatched, uncompromising product regarding easy-to-clean properties, hydrophobicity, durability, and hardness.

Containing a maximum solids content, the formulation is state of the art by incorporating only the finest organic and inorganic ceramic precursors specifically designed for automotive use, all packed in only one product, with no more than one layer required to achieve the maximum result.

Due to the highly upgraded density of the coating, excellent resistance and hardness is achieved, resulting in increased protection against harsh chemicals and cleaning agents, as well as corrosion.

The incorporated UV-blocking/absorbing system ensures protection from environmental impacts and UV-induced degradation, completing the protective capacity of the coating.

Nanolex Si3D HD was designed, and is available, for professional customers looking for a coating with the highest durability, performance, and hardness resulting from a single-layer application only.

Nanolex Si3D HD was developed, tested, and produced in Germany.

How to use Nanolex Si3D HD

  1. Nanolex Si3D HD can be applied directly to all clear-coated (lacquered) surfaces. The lacquer surface must be dry and free of any contamination or dust. We strongly recommend using Nanolex EX directly before the application to ensure that all oils/fillers and other dirt are removed completely from the surface. Use Nanolex microfiber towels and turn or exchange cloth frequently during cleaning/polishing.
  2. If the car was machine polished before the application it is necessary to remove any (mostly invisible) fillers and oils – if those are not removed a white or grey hazing will appear on the paint once Si3D HD was applied. The paint sealant layer is too thin to be visible and can easily buff off – only fillers and oils will become visible. We recommend washing the car with Nanolex Pre Wash after the paint was machine polished to safely remove most of the contamination.
  3. Spread 5-10 drops/m2 of Nanolex Si3D HD on a microfiber applicator pad and apply it sparingly by rubbing in with light pressure in criss-cross motions. Remove the coating residue with a soft microfiber cloth after a maximum of 3 minutes. There is no pressure necessary to remove it completely.
  4. Let Nanolex Si3D HD cure on the surface for at least 12 hours (at ambient temperature, assuming 20°C) before the first water contact. Do not wash the car within the first 72 hours.

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