Nanolex One Polish & Protect 250ml

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Discover the full potential of your car's paint with Nanolex One Polish & Protect, an innovative, one-step solution that can erase sanding lines, swirls, and scratches up to 3000 grit while offering long-lasting protection. This adaptable polish works with random orbital and rotary machine polishers, making it appropriate for use with a wide range of vehicle paints.

Important characteristics

  • All-in-One Polishing and Protection: In a single, effective step, Nanolex One Polish & Protect removes sanding marks, swirls, and scratches to give a flawless surface finish and durable protection.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Designed to work with both random orbital and rotary machine polishers, this formula offers simplicity and versatility for a range of polishing methods.
  • Highly Protective Formula: Nanolex One Polish & Protect, enhanced with advanced gloss and protection ingredients, provides remarkable gloss and superb hydrophobic characteristics to cover your car's surfaces for months.
  • Simple Application: Nanolex Polishing Pads provide an easy and efficient way to apply product, allowing you to achieve excellent results with small amounts at rates of up to 2000 r.p.m.
  • German Precision: The highest standards of quality and performance are reflected in the development, testing, and production of Nanolex One Polish & Protect, which is made in Germany.

Tips for Usage

  1. Using your favourite polishing machine, apply Nanolex One Polish & Protect.
  2. To get rid of sanding marks, swirls, and scratches on the paint surface, work the product into the paint.
  3. Take pleasure in the immaculate surface polish and enduring defence.
  4. Use minimal amounts of product with Nanolex Polishing Pads for optimal results.

With Nanolex One Polish & Protect, the one-step solution for a beautiful finish and long-lasting protection, you can elevate your car detailing experience. Place your order right now to enjoy German technical accuracy in every application!

Additional Information

Manufacturer Details Nano Surface Solutions | Nanolex Car Care Matzenberg 171 66115 Saarbrรผcken Germany
Brand Nanolex
Net Quantity 1
Dimension 28cm ร— 6cm
Country of Origin Germany
Importer Details Poshlyf Private Limited

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