Nanolex Heavy Cut Polish 250ml

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Discover the ultimate in paint correction with Nanolex Heavy Cut Polish, a cutting-edge formula that gets rid of serious flaws and sanding marks up to 1500 grit. This strong polish prepares the ground for a faultless restoration of car paint, working with both rotary and random orbital machine polishers.

Important characteristics

  • Removal of Severe Defects: Nanolex Heavy Cut Polish tackles the most difficult tasks, eliminating sanding marks and severe defects to reveal a refined and revitalised paint finish.
  • Complete Compatibility: This adaptable polish blends in easily with your detailing equipment for enhanced corrective power, whether you use a rotary or random orbital machine polisher.
  • Even Pattern Creation: Use Nanolex Medium Cut Polish or Nanolex Finishing Polish to easily create an even pattern that will serve as the basis for further polishing stages.
  • Pad Selection for Precision: Use a hard Nanolex Polishing Pad or Wool Pad in conjunction with Nanolex Heavy Cut Polish for best results. This will ensure that the polish is applied carefully and at a speed of about 2,000 r.p.m.
  • Silicone Oil-Free Formula: Nanolex Heavy Cut Polish is formulated without silicone oils, waxes, or fillers in order to prioritise a pure corrective process and prevent undesired residues for a flawless finish.
  • German Precision: Germany maintains the highest standards of quality and precision in car maintenance through the painstaking development, testing, and production of Nanolex Polishes.

Tips for Usage

  1. Using the polishing machine of your choice, use Nanolex Heavy Cut Polish for accurate fault removal.
  2. To create a consistent pattern on the paint surface, work the product into significant flaws and sanding marks.
  3. For a more polished and refined finish, use Nanolex Medium Cut Polish or Nanolex Finishing Polish afterward.

With Nanolex Heavy Cut Polish, you can take paint correction to a whole new level and bring back the original brilliance of vehicle paint. Get unmatched shine with your detailing endeavours by ordering now and unleash perfection!

Additional Information

Manufacturer Details Nano Surface Solutions | Nanolex Car Care Matzenberg 171 66115 Saarbrรผcken Germany
Brand Nanolex
Net Quantity 1
Dimension 28cm ร— 6cm
Country of Origin Germany
Importer Details Poshlyf Private Limited

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