Nanolex Cutting Polish 250ml

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With Nanolex Cutting Polish, which has been carefully designed to remove severe scratches and grinding marks up to 1500 grain, you can restore the original paintwork of your car. This innovative polish works with both eccentric and rotary polishing machines, providing versatility for different kinds of paint.

Important characteristics

  • Heavy-Duty Paint Correction: Nanolex Cutting Polish is made to remove stubborn scratches and grinding marks from automobile paint, bringing it back to its former splendour.
  • Versatile Application: Offering versatility and compatibility with various polishing tools, it may be utilised with both rotary and eccentric polishing machines.
  • Grinding Pattern Removal: Provides a smooth and perfect finish by leaving a grinding pattern that is easily erased with Nanolex Finishing Polish.
  • Silicone-Free Formula: Enjoy the benefits of a silicone-free polish, free from oils, waxes, and fillers that may compromise the integrity of your paintwork.
  • German engineering: Nanolex polishes meet the strictest quality and performance requirements, having undergone extensive development, testing, and production in Germany.

Tips for Usage

  1. Before using, give it a good shake.
  2. Before implementing widely, conduct a test in a discrete location.
  3. Do not use on heated surfaces.
  4. Keep the goods out of the cold and from becoming too hot or cold.

With Nanolex Cutting Polish, you may get a perfect and regenerated car finish, up your paint correction game. Place your order right away to see how German technical precision shines in every situation!

Additional Information

Manufacturer Details Nano Surface Solutions | Nanolex Car Care Matzenberg 171 66115 Saarbrรผcken Germany
Brand Nanolex
Net Quantity 1
Dimension 28cm ร— 6cm
Country of Origin Germany
Importer Details Poshlyf Private Limited

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