Nanolex Cut & Finish Polish 250ml

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With Nanolex Cut & Finish Polish, you can completely change the look of your car. This potent all-in-one solution is made to erase medium-to-light scratches and holograms while leaving behind a gorgeous high-gloss finish. Perfectly engineered, this multipurpose polish works with both eccentric and rotary polishing equipment.

Important characteristics

    • All-in-One Polishing Solution: Nanolex Cut & Finish Polish removes holograms and medium-to-light scratches in a single step, offering a thorough polishing solution.
    • High-Gloss Finish: Get an unmatched high-gloss finish that makes your car look more streamlined and polished and improves its visual attractiveness.
    • Versatile Application: Compatible with both rotary and eccentric polishing machines, ensuring flexibility and convenience for different polishing techniques.
    • Formula Without Silicone: Savour the advantages of a polish without silicone, free of oils, waxes, and additives that could erode the paint of your car.
    • German engineering: To ensure the highest level of quality and performance, Nanolex polishes are painstakingly developed, tested, and manufactured in Germany.

Tips for Usage

    1. Apply Nanolex Cut & Finish Polish with the polishing machine of your choice.
    2. To get rid of holograms and scratches, work the polish into the paint's surface.
    3. Savour the gorgeous, high-gloss sheen that this fine-tuning polish has produced.
    4. You may relax knowing that there are no silicone oils, waxes, or fillers in it.

With Nanolex Cut & Finish Polish, you can easily achieve a faultless finish and uplift your car detailing routine. Place your order right away to see how German technical precision shines in every situation!

Additional Information

Manufacturer Details Nano Surface Solutions | Nanolex Car Care Matzenberg 171 66115 Saarbrรผcken Germany
Brand Nanolex
Net Quantity 1
Dimension 28cm ร— 6cm
Country of Origin Germany
Importer Details Poshlyf Private Limited

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