Koch Chemie Micro Cut & Finish P2.02 250ml

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Introducing Koch Chemie Micro Cut & Finish P2.02 250ml, the perfect option for attaining a faultless finish across all paint systems. Here's what you should know.

Key features

  • Latest generation machine micro-polish for the permanent elimination of streaks, holograms, fine scratches, and sanding marks up to P3000 grain size.
  • Suitable for all paint systems and scratch-resistant surfaces.
  • Provides simultaneous long-term sealing with a high level of gloss and smoothness
  • Uses highly specialised, incredibly homogenous abrasive bodies for a beautiful permanent high gloss finish.
  • Removes holograms and fine scratches mechanically, ensuring they are not simply covered over.
  • Carnauba wax and non-fugitive silicones are used for extra protection and gloss.
  • Economical, easy to clean and remove.

Product details

  • Cut: 2.5
  • Gloss: 9.5.
  • Size: 250 mL

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