Menzerna Premium Backing Plate 123mm/5"

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Menzerna Premium Backing Plate 123mm/5"

One of the highest quality backing pads the market has to offer.  The dampened backing pad is suitable for products from all manufacturers, but specialised and perfected for Menzerna pads and polishes.

  • Diameter 123 mm
  • M14 spindle mount*
  • Velcro mount
  • professional, damped backing pad for polishing machines
  • very good for curved and sensitive surfaces
  • durable Menzerna quality
  • for all pads and abrasives with 123 mm diameter

Original Menzerna polishing tools get the maximum out of your surface. The pads in different degrees of hardness are optimally matched to the various products from the Menzerna polish range. Professional users know: To achieve the desired polishing appearance, it also depends on the harmonious coordination between pad, polish and machine.

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