Menzerna Polishing Adapter For Drilling Machines

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With the Menzerna Polishing Drill Adapter, you can unleash the force of expert polishing and turn any ordinary drill into a powerful tool for polishing. Using any conventional drill or battery-operated screwdriver, you may easily utilise a backing plate with M14 gauge or 5/8" gauge thanks to this adapter's versatility. This adapter, which has a shaft that is 6 mm thick, guarantees that it will work with any normal drill and is an affordable substitute for a polishing machine.

Important characteristics

  • Adapter Compatibility: Enables the use of M14 gauge or 5/8'' gauge backing plates with standard drills
  • Versatile Thickness: The 6 mm-thick shaft ensures compatibility with all standard drills and battery-powered screwdrivers
  • Premium Backing Plate Compatibility: Gauges designed to work seamlessly with Menzerna's Premium Backing Plates
  • Processing Ease: Effortlessly use your drill or battery-powered screwdriver for professional-grade polishing
  • Cost-Effective Alternative: An economical solution for achieving remarkable polishing results without a dedicated polishing machine


  • Versatility Unleashed: Transform your standard drill into a powerful polishing tool for various applications
  • Compatible Excellence: Designed to work seamlessly with Menzerna's Premium Backing Plates, ensuring optimal performance
  • On-the-Go Polishing: Enjoy the flexibility of polishing anywhere, anytime, without the need for a dedicated machine
  • Cost-Effective Solution: A great alternative for those seeking professional polishing results without the investment in a polishing machine
  • Effortless Processing: Experience the convenience of using your existing drill or battery-powered screwdriver for polishing tasks

With the Menzerna Polishing Drill Adapter, you may enhance your detailing skills and enable expert polishing anytime, anywhere. Savour the advantages of portability, compatibility, and affordability with a single, effective, and small adaptor.

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer Details Menzerna Polishing Compounds GmbH & Co. KG IndustriestraรŸe 25 76470 ร–tigheim Germany
    Brand Menzerna
    Net Quantity 1
    Country of Origin Germany
    Importer Details Poshlyf Private Limited

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