Menzerna FINAL FINISH (FF 3000) 1 L

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Menzerna Final Polish has developed into Menzerna Final Finish, which still has the reliable quality you know and love. Exclusive to a few merchants at the moment.

Menzerna Final Finish is the ultimate one-step polish that can be used on both new and like-new paint jobs to give your car a higher-quality shine. This high-end finishing polish, made in Germany by Menzerna, is famous for eliminating little swirls and producing a flawless, high-gloss, reflective shiny.

Important characteristics:

Proven Excellence:

  • Menzerna's original finishing polish was developed specifically for OEM.
  • Finishes Removes little spider webbing with a mechanical polishing action, offering long-lasting benefits.

Pure Formulation:

  • Silicone-, filler-, and glaze-free for a true high gloss finish.
  • Solvent-free, water-based solution that ensures safety on both new OEM and maintenance coatings.

Adaptable Use:

  • Perfect with any paint colour and kind, clear coat included or not.
  • Ideal for freshly painted cars or cars in excellent condition.

Showroom-Worthy Results:

  • leaves no dust, haze, or swirls behind—just a high-gloss finish.
  • Perfect before applying wax for intensifying shine, eliminating old wax, and fixing little swirls.

Application Advice:

By Hand:

  • Apply a fast detailer to a premium applicator pad to moisturise it.
  • Put on the applicator a nickel-sized quantity of Menzerna Final Finish.
  • Work in overlapping, back-and-forth motions until the area begins to dry.
  • Using a damp microfiber towel, remove the polish in 2x2 square foot pieces.

By Machine:

  • Ensure a clean and dry polishing surface, with fresh paint fully cured.
  • Make use of a Menzerna Light Yellow Cutting Pad or another soft foam polishing pad.
  • Put a 6-inch strip of compound on the car.
  • Polish the region carefully, moving across it first, then up and down, at a speed of 1200–1500 RPM.
  • After a few passes, check the job and lower the pressure if the swirls are removed.
  • Using a moist microfiber towel, wipe the area.


Adaptable Final Polish:

  • Intended to eliminate light surface defects, holograms, and haze.

Restores Gloss and Depth:

  • Revitalises the paint finish, adding depth and a flawless sheen.

Application that is easy to use:

  • Simple to use, guaranteeing a productive and easy polishing experience.
  • Easily removed with a clean microfiber towel.

Precise Dispensation:

  • Compatible with buffer use or hand application when used with Menzerna's Yellow Light Cutting Pad White Polishing Pad.
  • Use a 4 oz dispenser bottle for accurate product distribution.

Menzerna Final Finish is the product you should use to achieve a showroom-quality shine on your car in order to fully showcase its brilliance.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Details Menzerna Polishing Compounds GmbH & Co. KG Industriestraße 25 76470 Ötigheim Germany
Brand Menzerna
Net Quantity 1
Dimension 28cm × 8.5cm
Country of Origin Germany
Importer Details Poshlyf Private Limited

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