Menzerna AS 30 Cream (Heavy Cut Polish) 200g

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AS 30 CREAM 200g

Discover the efficacy of Menzerna AS 30, a state-of-the-art heavy-cut polishing cream that can accurately and consistently remove sanding marks, severe evidence of use, and overspray. AS 30, especially designed for new, soft clear coatings, is your go-to product for exceptional results without sacrificing quality. This is the reason Menzerna AS 30 is unique:

Important characteristics

Powerful Cut (Cut: 10)

  • Delivers professional-grade heavy-cut performance while successfully eliminating sanding lines, severe usage signs, and overspray.

Water-Based Formula

  • Since AS 30 is a water-based polishing cream, you may be sure that it won't contain silicone in its solution.

Optimized for Fresh Clear Coats

  • Especially appropriate for recently applied, pliable clear coatings, offering focused maintenance and repair.

Expert Quality Polishing

  • Ideal for paint shops, this product provides dependable and effective polishing for many vehicle surfaces.

Application Guidelines

Surface Set up

  • To achieve the best results, properly clean the surface before polishing.

Pad Selection

  • For severe evidence of wear, try lambswool Pad or Menzerna Heavy Cut Foam Pad. Menzerna Standard lambswool Pad is recommended for rotary polishing machines; Menzerna Orbital Wool Pad is recommended for orbital polishing machines.

Application Method

  • Apply the cross-coating technique while using a rotary or orbital polishing equipment. When polishing, apply firm, even pressure while keeping the machine speed low.

Polishing Technique

  • Make sure the polish is applied completely and effectively by working it until just a thin, oily layer remains visible.

Residue Removal

  • Use our Premium Microfiber cloth to gently remove any residue left behind after polishing, being careful not to push too hard.

Enhance Gloss

  • Use one of our Menzerna Finishes or Medium Cut Polishes afterward for an incredibly glossy finish.

Menzerna AS 30 Heavy Cut Polishing Cream will enhance your polishing experience because it is made to satisfy both professional paint shops and detailing aficionados. Discover the brilliant finish on your car with Menzerna's dependable performance.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Details Menzerna Polishing Compounds GmbH & Co. KG IndustriestraรŸe 25 76470 ร–tigheim Germany
Brand Menzerna
Net Quantity 1
Dimension 9cm ร— 7cm
Country of Origin Germany
Importer Details Poshlyf Private Limited

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