Interior And Upholstery Brush

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Keeping your interior’s carpet and fabric upholstery surfaces clean helps prevent undue wear and tear, so regular cleaning is a must. The non-slip grip and stiff scratch-free bristles of the MenzaPro Interior And Upholstery Brush will help you keep your interior clean by loosening dirt and debris. Ideal for use with diluted version of Koch Chemie Greenstar. Lightweight ergonomic design, the bristles loosen dirt and debris Non-slip comfort grip Rinse brush frequently to release trapped particles Rinse and dry after use Use with quality carpet or upholstery cleaner and follow manufactures cleaning instructions Wear eye protection when using cleaners Note: Never use this product dry.


  • Soft Horse Hair for Delicate Surfaces
  • Excellent on leather
  • Angled for hard to reach areas.

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