Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Professional 26 Hi- Tech Yellow Wax (1 Litre)

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Wax that’ so easy to use

• Hi-Tech Yellow Wax is a Carnauba wax blend.
Carnauba wax is a natural wax that is known for its incredible clarity and durability. Meguiar’s went one step further and fortified Hi-Tech Yellow Wax with silicones, polymers, and other waxes to further enhance gloss and extend durability. If you appreciate the glow that carnauba wax imparts upon a perfectly polished paint finish, then Hi-Tech Yellow Wax is for you. If you’ve never tried Carnauba wax… you’re in for a treat!

• Hi-Tech Yellow Wax applies easily, and removal is a snap.
Some carnauba-based car waxes can be a real bear to remove.
Not only is Hi-Tech yellow Wax a breeze to apply, it wipes away with ease

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