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MAGNETO Microfiber

Introducing MAGNETO Microfiber, the solution, for protecting your cars paint from unattractive water stains. This top notch microfiber towel comes with built in magnets making it easy to place under your mirrors or other troublesome areas. By channeling water into the microfiber it prevents any contact with your vehicles paint ensuring that your car maintains its look.

The clever addition of magnets, within the microfibers allows for positioning in both vertical orientations. Each package includes two fibers designed specifically for each of your mirrors. MAGNETO is not only gentle on your paintwork but also boasts exceptional absorbency, guaranteeing a comprehensive cleaning experience.


  • Thanks to the built-in magnets, Magneto can be placed anywhere, both vertically and horizontally
  • High absorbency
  • Safe for the paintwork
  • Built-in magnets
  • High-quality microfiber
  • Prevents water stains on paintwork
  • Two fibers per package

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