KochChemie Thermochrom Pad (3")

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Thermo Pad 76x23mm (3")

The high-quality special sponge with thermochromic properties for removing light scratches, holograms and polishing marks. The Thermo Pad is especially recommended for polishing acrylic glass headlights, as these react temperature-sensitive and the temperature of 40°C - 45°C must not be exceeded during grinding and polishing. Due to the thermochromic properties of the colour pigments in the pad, the Thermo Pad changes colour from orange to yellow from a temperature of 45°C onwards. That way the colour change serves as an indicator. The pad returns to its original colour as soon as the temperature drops again. The Thermo Pad is part of the Headlight Polish Set (Art. No. 999600) and can also be ordered separately as a spare part Compression hardness: 10. Abrasiveness: 5.

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