Koch Chemie Thermochrom Pad (3")

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Introducing the Koch Chemie Thermo Pad 76x23mm (3"), a high-quality special sponge with unusual thermochromic qualities ideal for eliminating light scratches, holograms, and polishing marks.

Key features

  • Thermochromic Properties: When the temperature hits 45°C, the Thermo Pad changes colour from orange to yellow, acting as a signal to prevent overheating during polishing, which is especially useful for acrylic glass headlights.
  • Versatile Use: It is ideal for cleaning acrylic glass headlamps because it reacts to temperature, ensuring safe and effective polishing.
  • Colour Indicator: The colour change displays the temperature, ensuring optimal working conditions and protecting surfaces.
  • Return to Original Colour: As the temperature drops, the pad returns to its original colour, making it easy to use and convenient.
  • Compression Hardness: 10.
  • Abrasiveness: 5.

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