Koch Chemie Twin Shampoo 21 Kg

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Introducing Koch-Chemie Twin Shampoo, a powerful foam and shampoo combination that has been providing intensive performance with a lovely scent since 1968.

Key features

  • Concentrated Formula: This phosphate- and NTA-free product combines foam and shampoo to provide effective cleaning in portal car washes, self-service systems, and hand washing.
  • The high amount of surfactant results in voluminous foam, allowing for intensive and paint-friendly cleaning while also promoting self-cleaning and extending the life of brushes.
  • Fruity Fragrance: When cleaning your vehicle, enjoy a delicious fruity aroma, which improves the overall cleaning experience.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for gantry car washes, self-service systems, hand washing, and other applications that require flexible cleaning options.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Suitable for use in biological process water treatment systems to ensure environmental friendliness.
  • Daimler has endorsed the product, ensuring high-quality performance and reliability.
  • Quick Separation: Meets ÖNORM 5106 criteria for quick separation.
  • VDA Compliant: Adheres to VDA standards, providing high-quality performance and reliability.

Areas of application

  • Gantry vehicle washes. Car washes, self-serve systems, and hand washing

Recommendation for use

  • Use the dosing pump to apply undiluted solutions up to 1:10. Recommended consumption per car: Foam and self-service systems: 5–12 mL. Shampoo: 2–5 ml. Hand wash in 1:200.

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