Koch Chemie Nano Magic Shampoo 10 KG

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Since 1968, Koch-Chemie Nano Magic Shampoo has been the ultimate vehicle shampoo, providing a hydrophobic, glossy finish and an additional layer of protection.

Key features

  • High-Tech Shine: This premium shampoo has unique cleaning and sealing components that leave behind a long-lasting dirt layer and a water-repellent nano-layer for a beautiful shine.
  • Lotus Effect: Enjoy the lotus effect, in which water beads off the surface and protects it from harmful environmental forces.
  • Quick Drying: After rinsing, the water film breaks off immediately, allowing the car to dry quickly and preventing water marks.
  • Ceramic Coating Maintenance: Perfect for keeping automobiles sealed with 1K Nano since the sealing components bind with the Nano network, boosting longevity with regular use.
  • Compatibility: Suitable for cars, motorbikes, camping vehicles, commercial vehicles, and more, with numerous application possibilities.
  • Renewal of Polishes and Sealants: To maintain a constant protective coating, we refresh any previous polishes or sealants rather than remove them to maintain a constant protective coating.

Areas of application

  • Vehicles include cars and motorcycles. Camping vehicles Commercial vehicles

Recommendation for use

  • Hand Wash: Mix 50 ml of detergent with 10 litres of water, then use a sponge or washing mitt to clean the vehicle and rinse well. To avoid lime stains, wipe up any residual water with a cloth. For a simpler application, you can also use a foam cannon.

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