Koch Chemie Nano Magic Shampoo 10 KG

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Koch-Chemie Nano Magic Shampoo| 10 Kg| Vehicle Shampoo| Hydrophobic| Glossy| Provides an Extra Layer| For Cars, Motorcycle, and More| Ceramic Coating Maintenance| Since 1968

High-tech shine shampoo with premium preservation for manual vehicle washing. Due to the unique combination of innovative cleaning and
sealing components, a long-lasting dirt and water-repellent Nano-layer (lotus effect) are formed. The treated surfaces are protected from aggressive environmental influences. After rinsing, the film of water breaks
up immediately and thus supports the quick drying of the vehicle.
Nano Magic Shampoo is particularly suitable for caring for vehicles sealed with 1K-Nano, as the sealing components contained firmly bond with the 1K-Nanonetwork. This increases the service life with regular use (every
second to third vehicle wash) significantly longer. Other polishes or sealants applied beforehand are also renewed and not removed, as is the case with conventional car shampoos.

Areas of application:
cars, motorcycles, camping, commercial vehicles, etc.
Recommendation for use:
Hand wash: add 50 ml to 10 liters of water, clean the vehicle with a sponge or washing mitt and rinse with water. To avoid lime stains, wipe off residual water with a cloth. Also ideal for application with a foam cannon.

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