Koch Chemie Magic Wheel Cleaner 10L

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Koch-Chemie Magic Wheel Cleaner| 10 LTR| Removes Iron from Rims| for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycle, RVs, and More| for Home and Professional Use |Since 1968

The Magic Wheel Cleaner is a powerful, vicious, acid-free rim cleaner with an innovative performance for mild and thorough cleaning of rims and the
rim base. Its reactive component dissolves the iron particles with a characteristic red discoloration. Special dispersants gently remove stubborn dirt from the surface. The viscous setting ensures that the sprayed Magic Wheel Cleaner adheres very well to the surface.
Even after a longer exposure time, the dirt remains bound and the cleaner does not dry on.

Areas of application:
Painted alloy wheels, high-quality chromed wheels, steel wheels

Recommendation for use:
Shake the Magic Wheel Cleaner briefly before use and spray the rim surface and the rim base thoroughly. Depending on the degree of soiling
, allow the Magic Wheel Cleaner to act on the rim for 2 - 5 minutes, and rinse off thoroughly using a high-pressure device.

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