Koch Chemie Hyper Dryer 10 Kg

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Koch Chemie Hyper Dryer| 10 Kg| Long-term Protection| Since 1968

The next level of innovative High Tech drying aids with a very good
preservation performance. Hyper Dryer generates a rapid tearing up of the
water film, a unique droplet drive and a drying result that is extremely free of microbeads. Highly specialized ingredients combine firmly with the surfaces and create a smooth, hydrophobic, nanoscale protective layer, which provides long-term protection against environmental influences and makes a significant contribution to maintaining the value of the vehicle. Thanks to the long-lasting, color-refreshing care and preservation of the paintwork, plastics and convertible roof materials, it can also be used as a hot or cold wax. The hydrophobic treatment of the glass surfaces leads to improved visibility in the rain (no smearing effects). Hyper Dryer achieves optimal results even with high conductance values ​​of the process water and with difficult fan geometries. Also ideal for biological process water treatment systems. Contains no mineral oil hydrocarbons. VDA compliant class A.
Areas of application:
Gantry car washes, car washes, self-service systems, etc.
Recommendation for use:
Apply undiluted up to 1:3 using the dosing pump. Recommended consumption per car: Dryer: 10 -15 ml. Hot wax: 12-20 ml.

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