Koch Chemie Gummifix 1L

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Koch-Chemie Dashboard Shine Gummifix| 1Ltr| Silicone-Oil-Free| Non-Greasy| Rubber and Plastic Care| Interior use| Mild & Low-Residue| For Professional Use| Since 1968

  • From the authorised importer and distributor in India
  • Non-greasy, silicone-oil-free rubber and plastic care for rubber interior areas in vehicles for which slip opposition are important
  • For Rubber foot mats, plastic floors, etc
  • Use a sponge or a spray bottle to apply evenly to clean, dry surfaces, and leave to dry

The non-greasy, silicone oil-free rubber and plastic care for rubber floor mats, plastic floor surfaces, and other interior areas in cars and commercial vehicles where slip resistance is required. Gives a new look.

Application areas:

Rubber floor mats, plastic floors, etc.

Application recommendation:

Apply evenly to clean, dry surfaces using a spray bottle or sponge
and allow drying.

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