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Introducing Gentle Snow Foam X-Mas, the best cleaning solution for a festive car wash. This pH-neutral cleaning foam has a strong foaming action and a wonderful Christmas smell, making it ideal for both pre-washing and manual car washing. Here's why it's essential for your car maintenance routine:

  • High foaming, pH-neutral solution with a special Christmas aroma.
  • Can be used as snow foam for pre-cleaning with a foam cannon or sprayer, as well as a shampoo for hand washing
  • Creates an even foam blanket for increased application time.
  • The pH neutral solution ensures compatibility with waxed or sealed surfaces, preventing corrosion.
  • Can be enhanced with Green Star to combat stubborn dirt and insects.
  • Suitable for automobiles, motorbikes, camping vehicles, and more.

Gentle Snow Foam X-Mas lets you experience the enchantment of a festive car wash. Follow our instructions for optimal use.

  • Snow Foam: Combine 20 ml with 1 litre of water, apply with a foam sprayer, clean with washing mitts as needed, and rinse.
  • Handwashing: Combine 50 ml with 10 litres of water, scrub with washing mitts, and rinse.
  • Also appropriate for use with a foam gun.
  • To create active foam, add 10-30 ml of Green Star to the pre-mixed Snow Foam solution.

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