Koch Chemie Gentle Snow Foam 5 L

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Koch-Chemie - Gentle Snow Foam - pH Neutral Pre-Cleaning| Manual Washing Shampoo| Safe on Existing Wax & Sealed Surfaces| Unique Cherry Fragrance (5 Liters)

The strong foaming, pH-neutral cleaning foam with an incomparable cherry scent can be used both for pre-cleaning as snow foam in a foam cannon or foam sprayer and as a shampoo for manual vehicle washing. Gentle Snow Foam forms an even, very well-wetting foam carpet, which adheres to the surface for a long time and thus allows a long exposure time. Due to its pH-neutral formulation, it does not attack waxed or sealed surfaces. For stubborn dirt and to quickly remove insects, the Gentle Snow Foam can be enriched with the Green Star as an active foam.

Areas of application:

Cars, motorcycles, camping vehicles, etc.

application recommendation:

Snow Foam: Add approx. 20 ml Snow Foam to 1 liter of water and lather the vehicle with a foam
sprayer. If necessary, clean with a wash mitt or similar and rinse with water. Hand wash: add 50 ml to 10 liters of water, clean the vehicle with a wash mitt and rinse with water. Also ideal for application with a foam cannon. Active Foam: Add 10-30ml Green Star to the pre-mixed Snow Foam solution.


Check for suitability and compatibility before use. Do not let dry.

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