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  • Versatile Odour Eliminator: Effectively eliminates unwanted odours from automobiles, RVs, boats, residential, and business environments.
  • Powerful Formula: Encapsulates aroma molecules from tobacco smoke, animal scents, decomposition processes, and other sources, rendering them useless.
  • Fresh Fragrance: Deodorises treated rooms, furnishings, and spaces with a pleasant, long-lasting scent.
  • Post-Wash Application: Perfect for use after washing a car to provide a fresh and clean inside.
  • Economical Usage: Effective odour control requires only a small amount of application.
  • Suitable for a variety of purposes, including automobile detailing, interior design, and professional use.
  • Made in Germany: Since 1968, our products have been made in Germany to high quality standards.
  • Additional Recommendation: For severe odour problems, try utilising the Koch Chemie KC 3500 ozone generator in conjunction with Fresh Up.
  • Applications include textiles, upholstery, roof liners, air fresheners, and more.
  • Use Recommendations: Before using Fresh Up, thoroughly clean surfaces and textiles to remove any dirt or odour causes. Then, spray sparingly over the afflicted areas.

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