Koch Chemie Flugrostentferner BMP 12Kg

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Introducing Koch Chemie Flugrostentferner BMP 12Kg, the ultimate solution for removing obstinate rust, limescale, and more. Here's what you should know.

Key features

  • Acidic cleaner designed to eliminate rust bloom, limescale, brake particles, and other inorganic filth.
  • Highly concentrated and strong for efficient cleaning.
  • Suitable for use on corrosive safe surfaces such as paint, glass, metal parts, and others.
  • Consumption inhibitors briefly protect against erosion.
  • Endorsed by Daimler for quality and performance.

Areas of Use

  • Ideal for acid-resistant surfaces on autos, commercial vehicles, and more.

Recommendations for Use

  • Depending on dirt accumulation, apply a 1:3 to 1:20 solution to the rinsed regions.
  • Allow the solution to react for a brief period, then use a brush or sponge as needed.
  • Rinse well with a high-pressure cleanser.


  • To avoid damage, do not use on heated surfaces.
  • Ensure that the product doesn't dry on surfaces.
  • Not appropriate for use on sensitive unpainted plastics to avoid discolouration.

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