Koch Chemie Feinschleifpaste F5.01

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Koch Chemie| Feinschleifpaste F5.01| Polishing Compound Silicone| 1 Litre

The intelligent machine polish of the latest generation with unique aluminum oxide quality. The formulation with the intelligent grit ensures fast, efficient removal of wash scratches, swirls and other similar signs of wear. The fine grinding paste creates a lasting deep shine and smoothness. Grinding marks from 2,500 abrasive media are removed effortlessly. The polish is the ideal choice for the paintwork treatment of medium to heavily weathered paintwork. Perfectly matched to the processing of scratch-resistant paints. With Daimler approval.

Grinding level: 5.0
Gloss level: 7.0

Application Notes:

Shake well before use. Do not apply to hot surfaces. H7.01 can ideally be processed with a rotary machine, but can also be processed with an eccentric polishing machine with a slight loss of sanding performance. Apply a small amount of the grinding paste to a moist, medium-hard or hard polishing foam and work crosswise at a medium speed of max. 2,000 rpm. The cleaning effect can be varied by pressure, polishing foam and speed. At the beginning of the grinding process, we recommend processing with higher pressure at a lower number of revolutions. In the further course reduce the pressure and polish with a higher speed. Polish out any polish residue with a soft microfibre cloth. For an even better finish, use Koch fine grinding paste after polishing.

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