Koch Chemie Allround Quick Shine 140 ml

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Koch-Chemie Allround Quick Shine| 140ml| Multi-Purpose Cleaner| Vehicle Detailing| for Dashboard Care and Paintwork and Glass| for Exterior Use| for Professional Use| Since 1968

The all-around genius cleans, maintains, and preserves all smooth and painted surfaces (paint, glass, plastic, furniture, etc.). Ideal for cockpit care and the after-treatment of paint and glass surfaces after washing, as well as a quick finish. Produces a clean and shiny surface in just one operation. Previously applied polishes or waxes remain intact.


- Perfect finish

- Cleans and preserves

- Universally applicable

Areas of application:

paint, glass, plastic, furniture, etc.

Application recommendation:

Spray sparingly and evenly onto the surface to be treated and polished with a clean cloth.


Check for material compatibility. Do not use it on hot surfaces.

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