Koch Chemie Active Foam 21 KG

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Koch-Chemie Active Foam| 21Kg| For Vehicle Detailing| For Exterior Use| Foam Shampoo| Works with Foam Cannons| Pre Wash| Ceramic Coating Maintenance| Since 1968

The highly concentrated, phosphate- and NTA-free, scented intensive foam for portal car washes, car washes, self-service systems, and handwashing. The extremely highproportion of anionic surfactants creates a unique foam pattern, an intensive and
paint-friendly cleaning performance and supports self-cleaning and thus the
theservice life of the brushes. The noble and long-lasting sandalwood fragrance ensures an intensive
fragrance experience. Also ideal for biological process water treatment systems.
VDA-compliant class A: contact time max. 5 min, max. application concentration 1:100
Application areas:

Gantry car washes, car washes, self-service systems, hand washing, etc.

Application recommendation:

Apply undiluted up to 1:10 using the dosing pump. Recommended consumption per car: Foam andself-service systems: 3-8 ml. Shampoo: 1-3 ml. Hand wash 1:300. Due to the higherproduct viscosity (lower flow rate of the dosing pumps), the product mayhave to be pre-diluted. VDA-compliant class A: contact time max. 5 min, max.application concentration 1:100

pH value: 9.5

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