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Koch-Chemie Insect Sponge/Hard |1pc |Vehicle Detailing |Classic large pore Insect Sponge for Cleaning Windscreens, lamps, etc. |For Professional Use |Since 1968 |Made in Germany


  • From the authorized importer and distributor in India
  • Paintwork-protecting, tear-proof, and chemical-resistant washing sponge with high water and foam absorption capacity
  • A special foam composition makes the sponge extremely long-lasting and economical
  • For vehicle detailing
  • For External use
  • For professional use
  • Made in Germany


Polishing compound vehicle detailing products ceramic coating protection imported restoration workshop made in Germany maintenance for ceramic washing sponge insect remover


Classic large pore insect sponge for cleaning windscreens, lamps, etc.

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