Flex BP-M D115 XC

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BP-M D115 XC

Hook-and-loop-backed pad with gearwheel

The Damped Special Velcro Pad, painstakingly designed to work with smaller sponges such as the PS-W 140 mm, will enhance your polishing experience. With its 115mm diameter, this specific pad is perfect for spot repairs and small surfaces like C-columns. Because of its special features and exclusive design for the XC 3401 VRG, this polishing toolkit essential is a must-have.

Important characteristics

Optimal Sponge Compatibility

  • Designed with the PS-W 140 mm in mind, a smaller sponge that offers precision for spot repair applications.

Versatile Application

  • Perfect for polishing regions that require precise attention, as well as narrow surfaces.

Damped Architecture

  • Includes damping elements for improved control, guaranteeing a more regulated and seamless polishing process.

Holders with Specialised Functions

  • Designed with unique holders to work in harmony with the XC 3401 VRG to create a polishing system that works as a whole.

Technical specifications

  • Diameter: 115 mm

Item number : 386715

Additional Information

Manufacturer Details BahnhofstraรŸe 15 Steinheim an der Murr, Baden-Wรผrttemberg 71711, DE
Brand Flex
Net Quantity 1
Country of Origin Germany
Importer Details Poshlyf Private Limited

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