Koch Chemie Dirt Eraser (5 Pieces)

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Introducing the Koch Chemie Dirt Eraser, a strong tool for professional vehicle detailing. This abrasive sponge, made in Germany since 1968, is designed to quickly remove tough stains and debris from hard surfaces.

Key features

  • Abrasive sponge is ideal for cleaning rubber markings, ballpoint pen stains, tea and coffee stains, grease stains, chewing gum, tar stains, and more.
  • Ideal for use on hard surfaces, but consideration should be taken with painted surfaces.
  • The authorised importer and distributor in India ensures authenticity and quality assurance.
  • Perfect for outdoor use, excellent for a variety of detailing chores.
  • Simple to reuse: simply wash the soiled sponges and use them again.

Tips for Use

  • Moisten the mud rubber before usage.
  • Always test on a tiny, inconspicuous area first, especially with sensitive surfaces like paint or leather.
  • Do not use along with cleaners.
  • Replace the sponge periodically for heavy grime.
  • Keep out of children's reach and avoid coming into contact with food
  • Not appropriate for body care.

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